Friday, November 17, 2006


So this morning didn't start out so well. I woke up and took lennox for a walk at ten to seven this morning. When I got home I was feeling pretty sick to the stomach, and I was worried maybe I was catching the flue that is going around. But around 8:30 I realized that I was feeling much better and that I should get my butt into the office, so I showered, shaved, and got all set for the morning, and then started walking over to the office. As I was coming down the side walk I saw Dwight sitting at the stop sign in his Canadian Lumber truck waiting for me. I was like, "Oh yeah he probably wants those poinsettia forms I told him I have!" So I got up to him and he says, "I told Dolores I would give you a ride to work this morning (two things. 1) I live less than a block from the church 2) Yes! I was late for work... again). So we go to the office and I get him the forms and he's like "So do you have plans for Sunday?" I say, "No, not really" Dwight says, "Do you want to go somewhere and watch it with me?" Now I'm thinking to myself, his father in-law just bought a 50 inch TV so he's inviting me over to sit there and watch while we stuff our faces with all that food... sounds good! so I say, "yeah, that sounds really good." And THEN Dwight says, "How about we ACCTUALLY GO TO THE GAME!!!" and now I lose it!!! Jumping screaming, crying... well not that part, but I am still shaking as I type this because I am so pumped. Last night one of my other youth leaders told me he got free tickets through work and I was sort of disappointed because I was sort of wishing I could be there. Well I am no longer disappointed!!! We have seats on the 21 yard line row 19 or something like that. So anyway, for a day that didn't start too well, it sure has improved. We've decided that we are going to dress up in hockey gear for the game, helmets, shoulder pads, gloves, and jerseys... look for me on tv on Sunday :D By the way I just want to say thanks to Dwight (who will never read this because he hates computers) and Canadian Lumber for being the best place ever!!!!

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Brad and Karla said...

i guess you are going to be watching a great game!!!! GO BC GO