Tuesday, November 14, 2006


So as I mentioned earlier I'm driving down to Charlotte N.C. in a few weeks for NYWC. But I need some help. I started looking at the seminars that are being offered and I need some help in deciding which ones to go to, so I'll give you the options and then you need to leave a comment and let me know what to do.

On Thursday I'm taking the Critical Concerns Course called Becoming the Beloved healing Our Identity in God - Mark Yaconelli (this is already decided)

Then on Friday morning I need to decide between
1) Partnering with Parents in Youth Ministry - Jim Burns
2) Becoming a Red Letter Christian - Tony Campolo
3) The Importance of Theology in Youth Ministry - Dan Kimball
4) The Place of Literature in Ministry - Lauren F. Winner
5) Contemplative Youth Ministry: Practicing the Presence of Jesus - Mark Yaconelli

Saturday morning it is between
1) Developing Spiritual Depth in Young People - Tony Campolo or
2) How to talk to youth about World Religions and Pluralism - Dan Kimball

Saturday afternoon
1) Freaks, Geeks, and squirrels: Understanding 11-14 year olds - Kurt Johnston
2) What is the Emerging Church and what does it mean for me? - Tony Jones
3) Developing Student Leaders - Tiger McLuen
4) Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture - Walt Mueller
5) Creative Bible Teaching - Duffy Robbins

Sunday Morning
1) Postmodernism 101: Almost Everything you need to Know - Tony Jones
2) More than Noise: How Today's music and media impacts your students - Walt Mueller

Sunday Afternoon
Well actually this is easy, I'm going to Resurrecting the Church: Re0imagining the Early Jesus Revolution by Shane Claiborne, but this sort of sucks because I would also like to go to Jesus the Rabbi with Ray Vander Laan

Finally Monday morning
1) Angus, Thongs, and full-Frontal Snogging: Literacy and teens reading the Bible - Blair Bertrand
2) The Scandal of Grace - Shane Claiborne
3) Living in Narnia: Teaching truth through myth - Mark Heisel

So this isn't nearly all the options, but it is most of the ones that I would really like to catch. So let me know what your top 6 choices would be, one from each time, and I'll take them into consideration.


matt said...

well well well, so Tony Campolo is going to be there. He's good. Any of his would be great I'm sure.

As for Friday morning, seeing as how I absolutely love theology I would say go for the Kimball one. Saturday morning-go with the world religions/pluralism one. I would say go for the postmodernism one on Sunday, and then you can get some of the stuff from the emerging church one, that said you should go to the developing of student leaders one on Saturday afternoon. Go with the Scandal of Grace for Monday.

Nikki said...

Hey Nate
Heres my vote
Friday, Number 3
Saturday Morning Number 2
Saturday PM Number 5
Sunday AM Number 2
Monday #3
Thats my vote

Anonymous said...

best advice I ever got was to expose yourself to as many different presenters as possible - remember you can always buy the CD for cheap if there is one that you missed and by the way sit close tot he back so you can sneak out without throwing a fake convulsion if the seminar sucks...
you can't go wrong with campolo, claiborne, kimball, or winner

Anonymous said...

Here are the ones I would pick
Friday am - Kimball
Saturday am - Not sure
Saturday pm - Robbins
Sunday pm - Mueller
Monday am - Heisel

Take notes and bring back resources for all of us who are left behind.

tony said...

I'm going to all of the Tony Jones seminars, for sure.