Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Music Part???? Well actually I forget...

So once again I turn to the subject of music and what is good, what is bad. What is christian, and what is secular. Today I have an interesting example from what is quickly growing to be one of my favorite bands to listen to while walking Lennox. The Band is Killswitch Engage and the Album is The End Of Heartache. Now I know what you're thinking, a band called Killswitch Engage how good can this be? Well the answer to that is pretty amazing actually. Musically.... Well let's just say incredible. If you are so inclined you can check it out at their myspace. As for their lyrics? Well here is just a taste.

Track 1 A Bid Farewell
"I will bid farewell, sever the ties
This is all I am, this is all that's left
Turn from deceit, the love of self is death
Deliverance is given to you
I will bid farewell,
Sever the ties..."

Track 2 Take This oath
Abandon the safety of mindless following,
Abandon what holds us captive to suffering
Pierce the blinders, behold

The path that leads before you
Let us forsake - forsake all the things
That lead us to our demise
Open your eyes,
See the divine
Open your eyes,
See the...
Destruction of innocence
Watch it breathe it's last..."

There is much more as well, you can check out the rest of the lyrics for yourself here. While on some songs there seems to be this darkness there is so much there. There is a condemnation of greed and of injustice, a sense that we and the world will be destroyed unless we embrace love, take a stand. And reading the lyrics from a Christian perspective even seems to indicate that we need to hold on to God. Too me there are a lot of lyrics on this album that are just incredible. Once again we see the line between what is "Christian" and what isn't blurred.

*Note: This does not mean that I would recommend this to everyone; as well the lifestyle of these guys is probably not something we all want to be copying. If you are out there wondering if you should listen to it or not, I leave you with the sarcastic line from Derek Webb on his song A New Law "Don't teach me about truth and beauty, just label my music" You will need to engage in the world and decide for yourself if it is for you or not.

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