Friday, January 20, 2006

Us, Song, and God Part II

The Second reason (and for the record this is starting to be some of my own thoughts, I didn’t steal ALL of this) The second reason I love this analogy is God is a singing God! The Hebrew for “And God Said (Gen 1).” Is translated from a word that means something more like “And God made Noise.” For those you who are C.S. Lewis fans you’ll remember the scene in The Magicians Nephew when Digory, Polly, Uncle Andrew, the Cabby, and the White Witch witness the creation of Narnia. How does Aslan do it? He sings, a most beautiful song that makes the darkness come alive!! I love this image because it takes God from a stuffy, wordy kind of God and turns Him into a musical, creative, wonderful God. Speaking things into creation doesn’t seem nearly as creative to me as creating a song for each blade of grass, each animal, each human being. Truely I believe that God is an incredible God who loves music and has created a special song for each one of us.

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Lacy said...

Yup its me again. I love Narnia, and C.S. Lewis for that matter. Have you ever read "Case For the Christian Faith"? Its all about C.S. Lewis and his life and taking a deeper look into his works and stuff. Its really good. If you haven't already you should red it. I forget who the author is but if you want to read it i can check and let you know!