Thursday, January 12, 2006

The things that make us happy

Hey all! So last night we had an awesome Bible study with our youth. I can't say I as really prepared at all, and the projector was doing weird things so that didn't work. But about two minutes into my talk I all of a sudden realized that I had lots to say and that God's words were spilling out of my mouth. What a wonderful feeling to just be God's tool! So anyway we had this great night of youth, and then this morning I came into the office set up my laptop, checked my email and I discovered that TWO people had commented on my last blog. Now I realize that it is probably just pride or something, but MAN I feel so cool when people leave a comment :) To make things even better Dan King left a comment... now Dan this might be weird if you read this , but I read your blog every day and so I was pumped that you left a comment on mine! Anyway funny how small things in life make us so happy.

One other thing to say. If you haven't heard of the National Playlist you should probably start voting. CBC Radio is trying to create the 10 essential songs and right now U2 is on there with One.... but it's not doing so well so go to this page and vote for One!!!


Matt Giesbrecht said...

Yeah Nate, that was an amazing bible study last night! You had my attention as a leader throughout the whole thing. Something was for sure, I was convicted by it because I also love the Bible but never really take time to read it. It's definitely something I need to work on. Anyway, the arranged Bible readings you've provided will be an excellent tool for the youth and I to get in gear with.

Keith said...

Awsome roomies do awsome things when led by God, that was so random!

Anonymous said...

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