Thursday, January 19, 2006

Us, Song, and God Part I

So I promised some stuff from the Leonard Sweet conference and so I’m going to deliver, but it’s going to take a few days to get it all out, So this is part one of three. Hope you enjoy some of the thoughts that I got from Leonard.

Ok so here’s the deal. Einstein said that E=MC2 right? Ok so basically what was saying is that Energy is equal to Mass and C2 is (as far as I can tell) a very large number. SO what this means is that Energy is equal to mass, or all the things that take up space. So then (according to Sweet) there was this other guy who argued based on this formula that the table your computer is sitting on right now is equally energy (spirit) as it is mass (matter). So all of this is just another way of saying that tables, chairs, computers are as much spirit as they are mass. Now hang in here with me. Currently the reigning definition of matter is that, “Matter is vibrating loops or threads of energy.” So really then “The fundamental reality of life (matter) is vibrating sound (or music) (Sweet).” Still with me on this? Ok so then if matter is really vibrating sounds, or music that would mean that each one of us is really… A SONG!

We as people are irreplaceable, unrepeatable, unique, special songs. Now here is why I like this idea of us as people being songs.

The First reason I love this analogy is that, like an instrument I am constantly going out of tune, and I need to be tuning myself to God (the perfect C). Now for those of you who are science people you know what happens when two frequencies match. Something has to give. This is what happens when an opera singer hits those incredibly high notes. There is an EXPLOSION of resonance, and then something has to give. And if it is between a well built opera singer and a mirror, it’s not going to be the opera singer who shatters. In the same way when we tune ourselves into the same frequency with God there is this explosion between us and something has to change… and it’s not going to be God! What a wonderful image of what happens when we meet with God.

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Keith said...

Simply Beautiful I think I must sound like Jazz...Improv Jazz