Monday, January 16, 2006

Back from a Journey

Hey big world! So this is what i have discovered in my journey across the world wide web. I really am a horrible blogger! I mean I see so many cool blogs out there. Dan King has these really nice links and now he even has this video on his site. Not to mention those nice links where the word is a lighter color than the rest. Or how about some of those blogs with the "The war in Iraq has cost..." and then the numbers climb at an incredible rate. And then there are the cool pictures that people put into their blogs with the words all around etc. Add to that the fact that I can't download anything, and I'm not even sure where I need to go on this thing to change my "proxy setting (????)" yup pretty much I don't know anything about these awesome things called computers. As much as I wish I was a tech savvy youth pastor the sad fact is, I'm hopeless. If anyone out there reads this and knows the answers to my questions feel free to let me know what I need to do
THE QUESTIONS1) How to I set a nice picture as my banner (with writing on it)
2) How do I download videos etc
3) How do I make nice links in my blogs
4) How come the pictures everyone else puts on their blog look so much better than mine
5) Finally is there anyway to use the fonts I've downloaded on the blog?
6) Hypothetically if I was to try and pirate a wireless signal from my neighbor what do I need to do to make this wireless card work (keep in mind that this is a hypothetical question, all my neighbors are like ninety and don't even know what a computer is... I'm just saying what if!?"
Well there it is, the confession of an techilliterate guy... and yes I think I just created a new word :)

In other news, Tomorrow I'm going to Summoned To Lead a conference with Leonard Sweet. I'm pretty excited, I think it will be an awesome time (good info) also I'm looking forward to checking out the battery life of this bad boy laptop....

Well have a good one
See ya


rickochet said...

Yeh - techilliterates of the world unite... and when you get your answers make sure you post them!

Gil said...

You need to embrace your 'techno-illiteracy'. Weren't you paying attention in Contemp Thought? Personally I find a lot of the 'bells and whistles' distracting but that's just me. I remain hopeful that content will always triumph over style but that may be wishful thinking. From another boring blogger...

dan said...

hey nathan ...

i read this and i smiled. it's all about playing around and figuring it out. the area on blogger where you create you posts ... the top bar there lets you add pictures and you can use it to bold words and create links ... play a bit and you'll figure it out!


Nathan said...

For the record, I figured out how to use my wireless connection.... yup pretty easy, now looking back I feel pretty dumb :)