Friday, January 19, 2007

Visiting a Friend

Last night I had the chance to go out for Coffee with a friend of mine, Dan King. He's out in Winnipeg from Saskatoon to teach a YWAM DTS so I figured since he was so close I had to try and get together with him. Which brought me to last night. We decided that I would come out to Winnipeg and pick him up from the YWAM house. So I ventured into the downtown area of Winnipeg looking for Furby Street. Thanks to Google Maps, I had my route all planned and it was going to be a simple task of turning off St. Mary's on to Portage followed by a nice and simple right turn.... well I'm not sure what happened but I never really did find Portage... after driving down a number of back roads, and one way streets I eventually did find 433 Furby Street. I looked at the house and my first thought was, "This can't be it!" It was a single story house that had boards over all the windows, and no lights at all. But the path up to the door was really beaten down so I thought, maybe…. With a little fear and a small bit of excitement I walked up to the house, and decided for sure that this was not the right place! For one thing there wasn't a door knob on the door, just a gapping whole where it used to be. I also decided that the big padlock on the door was another sign that YWAM wasn’t stationed there. At this point I decided that this definitely wasn't the YWAM house, it was more like a Crack house. So I got back in the car, looked at my map again and realized that I was supposed to be at 443 ten houses down. Much better!!! Anyway Dan and I had a good coffee in Tim's. It was good to share God stories, and talk about ministry and stuff with a solid Godly man. That whole iron sharpens iron thing. I really enjoy those times. Anyway it was a really solid time, and I enjoyed it a lot, and I’m looking forward to the next time I’m in Saskatoon so I can hunt him down again… It was a really good evening, and now I know that if you're looking to score some crack, 433 Furby street.

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