Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Tshirt Contest and videos

So here it is, I really don't think there is any need for more designs, we have a winner right here!!! These were submitted by the One and Only Maggie Bergen... truly these are works of art!!!

I think My fav is the 2nd one!

Some other cool stuff, If you search for Rob Bell and Nooma on youtube you can watch a number of his videos. So if you have ten minutes and are looking for some inspiration, check that out. Also here is a video of Shane Claiborne speaking. A lot of what he said is what I heard in Charlotte. If you have an hour to burn it is totally worth the time.


Nikki said...

I thought those pictures looked familiar! Chalo 2006! Course Maggie would come up with that!

Anonymous said...

if i had those shirts, it would be the first and ONLY time anyone would want me to take off my shirt!!!!!

hay, check out me blog

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, those are winners hahahaha!