Saturday, December 02, 2006

NYWC Charlotte Day 2

Alright here we are with day two done. And what a great day it was. This morning I caught Dan Kimball's session on pluralism and world religions. It was a great class and I was really stretched by what he had to say. I think that the things that he was talking about were especially relevant in Altona with the increase of refugee families who come from a totally different background than we are used to. Then we had a main session with Philip Yancey. He's so amazing. I have enjoyed some of his books in the past, but to see him in person was incredible. He is a very gifted story teller.

For lunch we took off to the Pita Pit and then went and bought tickets for the Charlotte Bobcats game. We are going to head over tomorrow and see some NBA. Not that it will be that good, but we figured for 15 bucks how can we go wrong...

So here's a funny story. As we were walking out of the main session this morning I found 13 bucks on the ground. I was pretty pumped since now I didn't have to pay for the game on Sunday. But this was just the beginning of the Canadian's cleaning up. This evening Dan and I went down to some of the draws we had entered. Dan started off with winning an Apple Shuffle, and a $7,000 youth ministry makeover. It is pretty sweet! Anyway I was feeling a little ticked since I was right there next to him the whole time and hadn't won anything. So I decided that I would just wander around and see what was up. I ended up by the Youth Walk booth and they did a draw and I WON!!! I have never won a draw in my life! But I won about $400 worth of stuff. A nooma video and some books, and 30 subscriptions to a daily devo book for a year. So that was pretty awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens tomorrow :D

Tonight we decided to hang out and just relax so that we have energy for tomorrows sessions. So now we're just chilling and watching School of Rock.

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