Monday, December 04, 2006

NYWC Charlotte Day 3

So today we have now finished day three of NYWC, and I have to say the highlight of today was hearing Phil Vischer talk about how he failed, and how Big Ideas eventually went bankrupt. He had some many incredible things to say about vision (and how we shouldn't be planning 5 years ahead) and instead we must rest in God, and wait on Him. It was incredible. Also this morning I saw Shane Claiborne, as he shared about the Scandal of Grace. He is the next Tony Campolo for sure... I guess it makes sense since he was mentored by him. Anyway that also was super cool. His enthusiasm and passion are infectious.

This evening we went and caught an NBA game. That was pretty cool! So all in all this has been a great experience, but we are all tired and very ready to get home to our wives. We are planning on leaving around noon tomorrow and then hopefully the weather will be good. You can all pray for us, looking at the weather network it looks like we are going to be driving into a lot of storms. So yeah pray for a safe trip. Thanks


Dana said...

shane claiborne... I believe he's one of my heroes of the faith. I would love to hear his talk on the scandal of grace. Do you have any recordings or notes or anything??

Nathan said...

hey Dana, I'll see what I can do for you. But I'll tell you this, he was awesome! A great speaker!!!