Friday, December 01, 2006

NYWC Charlotte Day 1

What to say…. Well NYWC is rad!! So far it has been a super refreshing time of growing in Christ, and hanging out with some great new friends. This morning Dan and I headed over for the second half of our Critical Concerns Course, with Yaconelli, but since we had missed the first part of it yesterday we felt like we were missing a lot, so we skipped out and walked around collecting bags and bags of free stuff. It was great to see what is there, relax, and hey!! Did I mention free stuff? We even met a girl working at one of the booths who used to work at MCI and was born and raised in Morden… what a small world. So we talked about all the people we know and have in common, it seems you can’t go far enough away to escape the Mennonite game.

We also just had the first general session. It was incredible. Starfield is here… it seems weird to drive 30 hours and still see a band from Manitoba. Anyway, they led us in an awesome time of worship. It sent chills down my body to feel the presence of God, and to know that he is moving in the lives of everyone here. That no matter our denomination or context of ministry, we all have a passion for youth, and Jesus, and we are hear to learn so that we can know him more. Praise God!!! I am already starting to think how we can manipulate our coming youth budgets so we can come here again, but this time with some of our youth leaders.

Anyway so far the one thing that has REALLY stuck out to me was from that hour we spent at Mark’s course. He said that we have all the creativity, and knowledge and resources that we will ever need ALREADY in Jesus. And that if we don’t focus on that and realize that we will always come to these awesome conventions but never really get what we need. It was such a great word for us as we look around and are overwhelmed by all the options. We can go to these workshops and buy hundreds of dollars of stuff (which I’ve done) but at the end of the day, if I don’t have it together with me and Jesus, nothing is going to work.

Well anyway now it’s time to learn about why theology is important in YM. I’m looking forward to seeing what Dan Kimball has to say…….

…. Ok so now I’m back in the hotel. Another amazing time in Sessions and shops. I can’t say that I’ve learnt a whole lot of new stuff. But Both Kimball and Tony Campolo had amazing thing to say, and I found it very affirming, that I have been on the right track in our youth ministry. It has been encouraging to think about why we do stuff and how we can better incorporate what our youth is doing.

Watched Jared Hall late tonight, he is a great illusionist and it was a blast to sit on the floor right by his feet and watch him blow my mind. It was nice to take a break and laugh for a while.

Well time to get some sleep before it all starts again.

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