Monday, May 07, 2007


Well to be honest the adventure started on Saturday. Saturday morning I woke up with my eyes caked shut. No big deal right!? I mean who doesn't have I gunk in their eyes from time to time. But as the morning went on my eyes got worse and worse. Soon they were sore, puffy, and oozing snot... yellow guck that looked a lot like yellow boogers... disgusting. To make things worse, my vision was blurry and I couldn't see things that well. Yuppers, eye infection, in both eyes. Now normally this is no big deal.... I mean hey, it's a rainy day, I get to lie on the couch and my wife gets to take care of me... sweet deal. Except. I had to preach the next day. So Niki went and bought some eye drops and we promptly doubled the recommended dosage. On Sunday morning I woke up, eyes still a little crusty and very red and puffy, but MUCH better. So I was able to at least see my notes. People in the church were very kind. True there were a lot of comments like "You look terrible." "You looked hung over." And from those with a little more experience in the world, "You look like you're stoned." I knew I was in trouble when people at the back of the sanctuary are staring at me trying to figure out what's wrong. One of our youth just stared at me in foyer, until I said, “It’s ok! I know my eyes are super red and puffy!” Anyway, I explained to the church what was up, and then told them that I wasn't going to be shaking hands with them, because I had it on good authority that this is very contagious (hopefully Niki doesn't get it now). Anyway on top of that, on Sunday morning I had the beginnings of a cold, and an upset stomach. Not my favorite way to feel before preaching. Just before I went to speak for 2nd service, I remember praying, "God you're going to have to get me through this without falling down." Church finished and I went home and spent the rest of the day on the couch. I find it just amazing how God strengthens us in our weakness. As much as I hate being sick, and feeling weak, I do love to see how God uses that.

On another note, Kyle Busch came in 2nd at Richmond, so that is always a good time!!!


Ben and Marsha said...

Nathan McCorkindale and Niki McCorkindale!! Shame on you! You should have gone and seen your family optometrist!!! :)

Nathan said...

Yeah and I should still go, but I haven't.... It seems to clear up with the eye drops... I'll give it a couple more days :D