Thursday, May 10, 2007

Atheists Debate Part II

So the debate was last night... all said I wasn't too surprised. One of the most painful moments was when Brian Sapient and his partner Kelly totally destroyed the argument that Kirk and Ray had put forward. When the moderator asked Kirk or Ray if they had anything to say there was a very long awkward silence, and then they said, "No, we think people can figure it out." I was sitting there going WHAT!!!! They totally destroyed or at least seriously wounded the entire premise of your argument, and you don't do anything, or try and refute it!?? The other problem was that Kirk and Ray completely failed to do what they had set out to do. They said that they would prove completely scientifically without faith or the Bible that God existed, and they certainly didn’t do that. At the end of the day it wasn't much of a debate, I would say from all I've seen Kirk and Ray got hammered, but Brian and Kelly weren't exactly stellar either (in my opinion), and some of their “facts” weren’t fact at all. But perhaps the person who got the roughest time out of it was Ted Haggard (I'm not sure why he was mentioned so often, but I guess Brian and Kelly thought it was relevant).
I thought that the best part of the whole thing was when the moderator said at the end (My paraphrase), “Maybe it isn't about winning or losing, but just about opening the floor for discussion.” My feeling on the whole thing, is debates don't work, trying to defend your point of view will rarely win people to your side of any argument. But relationships and discussion… now we are moving in the right direction. So maybe in the end the whole thing wasn't so bad, because at least it opened up some discussion, and has people talking. See for yourself, watch here or go to YouTube and search Face-Off Does God Exist there are like 6 parts there.

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