Thursday, February 15, 2007

What Does Valentines Mean To You??

What does Valentines Day mean to you? Is it chocolate? Flowers? Candles and romantic music? How about a pillow fight? No I mean it seriously, how about almost a thousand people in the streets of San Francisco smacking each other with feather pillows? Well it's the truth. Yesterday almost a thousand people met in downtown San Francisco for an Annual pillow fight. You come to the place with a concealed pillow and then at 6 pm the half hour long fight begins!! Now that sounds like an awesome time.... I just wouldn’t' want to be wearing my glasses. Could you imagine being there without knowing what was going on? You would think a bunch of crazies got out of the Looney bin.

But man! It looks like a lot of fun.


Dan Doerksen said...

Whoa, i will see you next valentines day in San Fran. deal.

Incoming... said...

are you sure this isn't saddleback junior high night