Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl

Ouch! I mean really, I was very glad to see Manning win his super bowl, no matter who you were cheering for, you have to admit the man deserved it. But really! Where were was Chicago yesterday? Not in Miami. At first I thought we were going to have a pretty amazing game... but no. I think Chicago was lucky to have as many points as they did. And here's my beef about watching Super bowl in Canada, where are all those sweet commercials??? Now I am forced to watch them with choppy and grainy image quality (Click here to see them) oh well some of them are pretty good. Well now, I guess either I stop watching sports on Sunday's.... or I try and understand the finer points of NASCAR, hey! Who knows maybe driving around in a big circle 500 times can be fun....
No school today, it was like minus a million or something like that. Which once again begs the question, "Why did anyone move to the prairies in the first place?" I mean wouldn't it make sense for us all to move to Florida?
Anyway that's all, just sort of random.

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Dan Doerksen said...

ya, dirty altona got to cancel school, while Winkler never, ever, ever cancels. The rapture could occur and they would still have class!
Sorry, my wife works in the school system and so i'm venting on her behalf.