Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Last Few Days

So life has been pretty busy here. On Saturday Niki and I went to see Copeland and Switchfoot. That was pretty awesome. It was fun to go to a really good concert and just relax and have a good time. Sunday I taught Christian Growth Class. And now the last two nights Niki and I and a number of our youth went in to Winkler to make pizzas. We were doing a fundraiser and sold a little over 300 and so we had to go and make them. It was a really sweet time!!! Plus we got to eat a whole bunch of these delicious pizzas. Now I don't like to make brash statements, but I have to say that Spenst Brothers Meats in Winkler has one of THE BEST pizza's I have ever had. So if you have the misfortune of being in Winkler, make sure you redeem your trip by stopping by their store (it's near the superstore) and pick up a pizza... or if that's not your thing you can try one of their delicious patio steaks. Anyway tonight we have to go and deliver them, should be fun trying to keep 300 pizzas frozen............

My Very hot wife, and me at the Concert

The Whole Team!!

What happens when a group of teenagers gets their hands on a lot of pizza sauce? yup sauce fight!!

I gotta say, I think the hairnet is a stylish look for me

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