Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Some Stats

While I was at the cottage this summer I read the MacLean’s July 1st 2006 article "How Canadian are you??" There are some very interesting stats that I thought I'd share with you today.

Approve of premarital sex? Age 18-35 80%
Approval of homosexuality? Men 61% Women 70%
Homosexual Marriage Men 39% Women 56%

49% of Canadian women favour banning the distribution of porn altogether (1/3 of men)

Canadians vs. USA
Homosexual relations Canada 60% USA 38%
Premarital sex 80% 64%
Legal abortions on demand 43% 27%
Immigration 78% 64%

What do we value?
Freedom 90%
Family Life 83% (6 out of 10 Canadians believe mom dad and kids is the ideal model)
Being Loved 82%
Being Canadian 62%
A Rewarding Career 51%
Community Involvement 15%

43% of Canadians have attended a religious service in the past six months not counting weddings funerals or holidays

How many protestants and Catholics go to church once a month or more
1975 41%
2000 30%
2005 34%

Believe in heaven 62%
Believe in Hell 48%

What brings us together?
Percentage of Canadians involved in:
Religious groups 30%
Sports or recreation 29%
School or community 17%
Political party or group 5%

Who do we feel uneasy around?
Sex offenders 96%
Alcoholics 71%
Former Mental Patients 63%
Born Again Christians 31%
Policemen 24%
Muslims 18%
Jews 5%

The Number of Canadians who believe:
Jesus is the Son of God 66%
Angels Exist 62%
I personally have experienced an event before it happened 52%
God cares about me personally 65%
We can have contact with the spirit world 46%

84% of Canadians identify with a religion or religious group. We attend services less often than Americans, but more frequently than Europeans.

57% of Canadians believe is ESP and 55% in Psychic powers. A third believe we can communicate with the dead.

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