Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Guilty Pleasure

So I have to say that for the last while I have been watching Rockstar Supernova online. And after much thinking I have to say I've chosen the guy I want to win. So here it is, Ryan Star I hope you win. If you guys want to know why I've chosen him click here and watch his performance of Losing my Religion by REM. Man this guy can sing!!

So here I am back in the office for one more day and then it is off to S'toon for a week with eight youth and my beautiful wife. Things I'm looking forward too?
Meeting Dan King and hanging out with Dana Barrand for a week. Yup! It's going be uber sweet!

So looking back on last week at St. Laurent... It was really good I had an awesome time, but I just don't have time or words to describe it, so here are some pictures, or a few thousand word essays if you will...

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