Friday, August 04, 2006

Some More thoughts on Lebanon

I was planning to write a few thoughts today about Donald Miller’s book Searching For God Knows What. But in the last two days I have found some interesting thoughts on the whole Lebanon/Israel war.
The first comes from the Relevant Magazine Podcast (7.28.06). In it a expert on the Middle East named David Brog, talks about how Israel is fighting against the Hezbollah and how they are supported by Iran. If I got him right he was basically saying we need to go into Iran and take them out before they nuke us…. I would recommend you take a listen to it, since I can’t summarize all he said so you can go to itunes or the Relevant site and download it and take a listen.

The other thing I just read was a great article by Penny Carothers (Those of you who have read any Donald Miller will know who she is). I think that what she has to say is really good and worth checking out (to read article click here)

Finally some interesting numbers to think about
2 kidnapped Israeli soldiers has resulted in:The deaths of:55 Israelis
8 Canadians
750 Lebanese
4 UN officialsNot to mention the destruction of Lebanon's infrastructure.

Let us pray for peace and for our Christian brothers and sisters in Lebanon. In case you didn’t know Lebanon is 42% Christian (higher than both Canada and the USA). If there is one thing clear it is that nothing is clear.

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