Sunday, July 18, 2010

Christians are Hate-filled

Right.  Now that I got your attention.  The book, "Christians are Hate-filled Hypocrites... and Other Lies You've been told" by Bradly Wright is not for everyone.  In fact it is hardly what I would call a page turner, unless of course you are a big fan of statistical information.  Wright, is trying to correct what he sees as some dangerous inaccuracies about the state of Christianity in the United States.  On nearly every page he calls into question the findings of the Barna Research group.  In fact Christianity is doing very well in the United States, and many of the popular statistics you have heard (e.g. Christians are just as likely to get divorced, we are losing our young people, etc) are false.  Why would you want to read this book?  Wright makes the case that if we are putting our energies into fixing problems that don't really exist we will miss the problems that really do matter.  Rather than worrying about the coming generation, or the divorce rates among Christians we need to look at the more serious problems in evangelical Christianity.  What are those problems?  Racism, and intolerance would be two of the greatest failings of evangelical Christians.  This is an alright book definitely worth a skim if you are interested in statistics and the state of Christianity in the United States.

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