Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Rewards of Simplicity - Book Review

Can you give a book zero stars?  No? Ok then it gets just one.  I think I can sum up my dislike for this book like this: There is a difference between Simplicity and just being Simple.  The book is written poorly with meaningless rabbit trails and stories about their family that don't add to the book.  There is a constant equation of this happened and then we found this that is just too formulaic to be any help.  I just found the whole book frustrating.  There are a few nuggets in chapters 3 and 4 but not enough to be worth picking up the book for.  We need good books about simplicity!  I appreciate that the Pierece's were trying to write a book that looks at the spiritual side of this important topic, but my feeling was that they didn't succeed.  In summary: I feel that the book is poorly written with a serious lack of content.  Please go and find a different book on simplicity to read.

I was given a free copy of this book by Bethany Publishing House for reviewing purposes.

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