Friday, April 09, 2010

Dreams... not the good kind

I don't dream.  Or at least I never remember my dreams.  There are those who are much wiser than me that tell me that you always dream when you are asleep, but I can honestly say that I never remember what I dreamed about in the morning.  That is, until I learned about Baby McC.  In the last week I have had two dreams about babies that I remember vividly the next morning.  The first was one where I was very excited about having a baby, I would touch the growing belly of my wife, I would talk to the baby, I would tell it all the things we were going to do together... the problem was.... Niki wasn't the mother!  In fact there was this really awkward tension between us.  It was so awkward to try and talk into the belly when you didn't really know the person, and weren't at all sure how you felt about them.  Which sort of makes me wonder why people touch random pregnant ladies bellies... HELLO! That is just weird (unless you know the person well and ask permission).  Anyway, I just felt weird when I woke up after that one.  And then the other night I had this dream where Niki and I were camping somewhere, and this raccoon climbed into our babies graco crib and started to eat our baby, picking the flesh off it and stuff.... Terrifying! I actually woke up, told Niki about it, and swore that I would never take my child camping!  I also decided that I wouldn't watch Bones before bed anymore.    All of this is to say.  How do you parents do it?  My child hasn't even been born yet, and I am having these crazy dreams.  Yikes!  Niki may have the changing body, but these dreams are starting to make me feel like I'm crazy.  Ok, enough sharing, back to my Bib Inter paper.

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