Monday, February 15, 2010

Brew, Books, Bikes

I bought a new blend today.  It is a seasonally available coffee from Mexico. On the bag it says that it has a Milk chocolate and Hazelnut.  I am very excited to make myself a pot tomorrow morning.  Today was a great homework day. I finished reading The Art of Reading Scripture - by Davis and Hays and All Right Now by Tim Geddert.  So much reading to do this semester finishing a book is always a good feeling, and two makes me feel like I am doing really well.  Tomorrow will be another day of work, but maybe I'll try my hand at writing something as well.  

Today I also headed over to the DMV (since it was closed) and did some riding around their motorcycle test track.  I'm doing a little practicing so that I can get my full license.  Good times, I love riding on a warm sunny day. 

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Kurt Willems said...

Dude... that is a good deal for those books. Karl Barth is a big deal i am told. also, I have heard that Niebur's book is a must read!