Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How American Idol Brings Out My Worst

Sadly I am watching American Idol... Nothing else on, and I'm not really feeling the Church History this evening.  Anyway I am watching the people who have been rejected walk out crying and all I can think is that if I could have any job on American Idol I would want to be the camera guy who follows them out and sticks the camera in their face and follows them out as they cry.  I know, it's cruel.  But seriously I think that would be one of the funniest jobs on the show.  Honestly though, I can't believe that I am watching this show.  I really hate it.  Too commercial, too specific, and there is no room for original singers.  People like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews, and George Young (AC/DC) would definitely never have made it past the auditions.  And I think there would be some question if Gordon Downie (The Tragically Hip) would have made it.  However, all of these men are incredible singer songwriters who deserve all the fame they have earned.  Finally, if we need any more proof that American Idol is totally fake and stupid.  Katy Perry was a guest judge?????  Didn't she sing on AI last year?  If I remember correctly I she was brutal (*sigh*) 

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Karisbrandes said...

Yes, they are somewhat narrow, but remember they're looking for good singers... which really most of those people you listed are. Talented, yes, but not quality vocals (Personally speaking of course)
But the show is sooo entertaining! And yes, Katy Perry sucks. But tonight Neil Patrick Harris is judging and I absolutely love him.