Monday, July 16, 2007

Off to WBC

I'm off to Winkler Bible Camp this week.... I'm working here in Altona during the days, but in the evenings I'll be driving out to speak at their chapels.

Mild mannered youth pastor by day,

and super camp speaker at night!
Well I'm looking forward to it, I'll hang out with some of my youth that are there, and I'm going to bring a few along from here when I'm speaking, so that will be cool. Anyway if you feel like praying for me during the week, that would be sweet. I always know when people are praying. Thanks a lot

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matt said...

Well, Nate tons of people must have been praying for you because you did an AWESOME job at WBC this past week. Man, my campers were all about the Boogaloo and Banana songs, and I'm pretty sure you kept their attention with your lively illustrations and stories on stage. Good work. Hey, how come you're not that lively in church? I'd encourage you to give it a shot, atleast at camp.

Many thanks and blessings for a job well done,