Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mmmmm Goood!!!

You are looking at a 1983 Suzuki GS550.... oh so beautiful! Now I hear what you are all saying, "Nathan, you don't have your motor bike license." ... details, details. No, I haven't bought a bike, however right now I am in the process of begging Niki to "Please, please, PLEASE make the budget work to fit this little beauty into our garage!" Well here's some crossed fingers and hoping that one day I will fly free across the Manitoba countryside. In case you are wondering I caught the bike itch when I was in my second year at Bethany, and Rich Friesen took me on a ride from Circle and 8th Mall back to Bethany, ever since that oh so cold ride, I have longed for the freedom and joy of my own bike... and now it's there.... just within grasping distance. So once again I put out my plea to you my loyal readers, if you want to donate to the "Buy Nathan an uber sweet bike fund." Leave a comment and I'll send you my Mailing address. Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

Is this the actual bike?

Nathan said...

yuppers! Sure is!

John Heppner said...

Nathan that bike look's great. I'd love to see you on it.