Thursday, March 01, 2007

If I write a book

So if I ever write a book, I am going to make sure that there are Lots of pages at the front of it, and a very large appendix at the back. I started reading Contemplative Youth Ministry today by Mark Yaconelli, and I discovered something. I had just gotten part way into chapter one when I realized that I was 34 pages into the book. I had this huge sense of accomplishment. WOW!! after only fifteen minutes of reading I am so far!!!! Now the problem is that by page 237 I'm dragging my heals and wishing I was done (hence the need for large appendixes). So one day I will write a book. This will be a book that not only fills your soul and mind, but that also makes you feel good about yourself, because it took you so little time to read!!

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lee said...

good book so far?