Monday, August 27, 2007

It's started

On Saturday we started ripping the siding off our house... not too bad actually... we got all the wood siding off and insulation around about half, and then we called it a day. Niki and I now have enough fire wood for us to have a fire every night until it is too cold to be outside. It was actually a pretty fun day. Roger and I started in the morning and decided we had two options. 1) we could work off the boards and keep as many intact as we could or 2) we could just smash those boards and rip them off... we went with option 2 good times breaking stuff.


ErinJayne said...

im sorry to say this but i am SO glad you are getting rid of that siding. it makes me happy to not see GREEN from halfway across town. hehehe.

Erin said...

oh btw. i got a BLOG again. lol. maybe i can keep it going this time..

Karen said...

what a HUGE job! Good luck!