Friday, November 25, 2005

Butt, butt

Ok so this is another one I didn't write, but it's a good one. I'm running all over the place right now, but I thought I'd toss something up just so you who read this wouldn't be disapointed.
Anyway here it is.

"I heard a good one today. I was asked how you can distinguish the goats from the sheep in your flock. As I was trying to come up with an astute answer I was told it is easy. The goats are the ones who are always responding with "but, but" while the sheep are those saying "a-bba, a-bba". It made me wonder how often I'm guilty of responding with a 'butt' when leadership is sharing a vision or asking for participation in an endeavour. It's easy for some of us who see things in black and white to respond with a forceful 'butt' when we're asked to participate in something outside of our comfort zone. 'Butt, my passion is for ______', 'Butt, I don't have the time for that, I'm already involved with ______', etc. I purpose to leave the butting to the goats and start working on responding with an 'a-bba'. When I have concerns about a vision or request I want to be turning to the Father, saying 'Abba, what would you have me do?"

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Anonymous said...

a-bba...Abba...? wern't they the old disco/pop band from the 70's that sang 'Dancing Queen'?? well I'm pretty sure they sucked but for some reason the song gets stuck in your head like that Ace of Base tune 'All That She Wants' that should never have been written. Know that I've polluted your head with irratating music check out my blog.
I miss you buddy!